White Squirrel

Normally squirrels get the hose when I catch them munching on my delicious avocados, but the white ones get away with murder! At first I thought we had an albino squirrel in the neighborhood, but this little fellow has blue eyes, not pink. Click the image for more detail!

Getting green on his nose!

Getting green on his nose!


New Year’s Camping Adventure @ Florida Caverns State Park


When I booked our campsite at Florida Caverns State Park months in advance, I had no idea that something called a “polar vortex” might actually be afflicting the sunshine state. When I checked the weather a week before our trip, … Continue reading

St. Pete Pier @ Night

I went fishing in St Pete and was hoping to get some good sunset photos but I wasn’t really in the best view of it from our fishing spot. No worries though because I got some sweet shots of the lightning storm instead! OctoZeusIf you are interested in booking photography or videography services anywhere in Tampa, St. Pete, or Clearwater, give us a call, we would love to come and shoot any event! Call 813.433.0999 and ask for Jessica.


Cicada Killer!

These ground wasps are pretty huge and also pretty awesome! Despite looking quite menacing, they are actually very docile and they never bother me or my pets. If my dogs get too close they just buzz away. This one was making his (or her) home in an agave plant on my back porch. I got some great video of it too, and you can view some of it on a demo I put together of recent shoots: YouTube-Demo2013 

Gentle Wasp

Cicada Killer Photo

Did you know that male cicada killer wasps spend an average of 6 seconds trying to insert their penis into a female? Find other fun and completely useless facts on Professor Chuck Holliday’s webpage: http://sites.lafayette.edu/hollidac/research/biology-of-cicada-killer-wasps/